What's New

Resources for Childminders

Two new resources have been published for childminders - Your Childminding Journey and My Childminding Experience. Your Childminding Journey is an online learning resource for both prospective and registered childminders. My Childminding Experience is a resource exploring and sharing good practice examples from across Scotland of how childminding can benefit children and their families. Read more about Resources for Childminders

Space to Grow

The Scottish Government, in partnership with the Care Inspectorate and Scottish Futures Trust, has produced guidance designed to maximise positive experiences for children and improve the quality of care and learning by helping to make early learning and childcare and out of school care services the best they can be in terms of design. The guidance acts as a tool for providers, planners and architects when planning new and/or refurbishing existing early learning and childcare and out of school care services. Read more about Space to Grow